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Friday, December 18, 2015

KidZania Learn and Earn Youth Development Program Empowers 23 Youths

18 December 2015, KidZania Kuala Lumpur "Learn and Earn" Youth Development Program Graduation Ceremony

KidZania "Learn and Earn" Youth Development Program empowered a total 23 youths and a Graduation Ceremony was held to mark the completion of the Program and at the same time, to acknowledge the participants' commitment and efforts, and celebrate the progress and learning curve they have achieved throughout the 20-Day program.

Since 23 November to 18 December, KidZania initiated a 20-Day Youth Development Program with its theme "Learn and Earn" by empowering a group of Youths.

Among the youths who attended the #LearnandEarn Youth Development Program, 3 of them are from HOPE worldwide Malaysia, they are Dinesh, Amirul and Janaaki.

Through the 20-Day Youth Development Program, 3 of them had gained invaluable experience. It was heartwarming to see 3 of them standing to share their gratitude and thoughts during the graduation ceremony, where it brought so much of tears among them as they shared their feelings.

KidZania is indeed a very popular place among the children, for them to gain "working experience" in different working sectors. Now, KidZania would like to use the same method by empowering the youths.

We wanna thank KidZania for the great heart and vision they had by having the Youth Development Program to empower the Youths. We look forward for this program to be a sustainable one in order to continuously create social impact.

For more event photos, check them out on our Facebook page by clicking into: KidZania Learn and Earn Youth Development Program 2015

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