BOLATHON Charity Fun Run and Masquerade Walk 2018

BOLATHON Charity Fun Run and Masquerade Walk 2018
Thanks to all who participated and joined our event!

Tuesday, January 29, 2019

Poplook Aims to Give Hope This Year with New Sari Yanti Collaboration

29 January 2019, POPLOOK Gives Back X Sari Yanti X HOPE worldwide Malaysia Event Launch at Marmalade Cafe, Bangsar Village 2

Every year, POPLOOK teams up with public personalities who share their vision to give back to the community through fashion. This year is no different. To address the needs of children living in poverty via the organisation HOPE worldwide Malaysia, Poplook and Malaysian actress, Sari Yanti will be launching a special capsule collection.

In a private tete-a-tete with the brand last August, Sari Yanti discussed motherhood; the joys, challenges, and everything in between. The discussion brought everyone inevitably to the impact of rising costs on already underprivileged families.

“As a mother, I understand the desire I have to give my children the best of everything but I have seen how rising costs have affected our spending decisions. I can only imagine how hard it must be for families already struggling to make ends meet. I am excited to be part of this initiative to make a difference in what small way I can in the lives of children in need,” says Sari Yanti about her decision to collaborate.

“We’re excited to have Sari Yanti join us in our 5th cycle of the Poplook Gives Back Collection. In our daily lives, we tend to get caught up in ourselves and our needs. These initiatives help us see a little more into the lives of others, reflect on our blessings, and give back to those in need. We’ve been able to donate to some very worthwhile charities through these collections. Whoever said fashion and giving back cannot co-exist?” says Maryanne, co-CEO of Poplook.

The collection itself is a combination of Sari Yanti’s personal style and with the theme hope in mind. To symbolise hope, the design team selected the classic pearl. “Why the pearl? Just like an oyster that creates something valuable with what is essentially irritants; through this collection, we want to create a brighter future for children in challenging circumstances,” explains Poplook’s fashion designer, Nik Amanina Liyana.  Eight out of the 10 pieces in the collection will feature the pearl prominently.

The 10-piece collection will feature soft blouses, trousers, and even weighted knits in earthy, soft tones. The specially curated collection also includes a floral pantsuit in a structured fabric specially requested by the actress.

The collection is limited edition and will not be reproduced once sold out. Poplook pledges 25% of total sales to HOPE worldwide Malaysia to support children in need. The POPLOOK Gives Back initiative aims to continue supporting charities and initiatives that focus on the needs of women and children.

“Our customers are the reason Poplook exists in the way we do today, and since they are women, and mostly mothers, we want to focus on organisations that work on issues concerning them. It is our tribute to the amazing women, our customers, who keep us going every day,” says, Maryanne

Customers may log on to Poplook website to find out more on the fabulous fashion collections that dedicated to this charitable cause. 25% of the sales profit shall be channelled to HOPE worldwide Malaysia's community programs that help the children from low-income families.

For more event photos, check them out on our Facebook page by clicking into: POPLOOK Gives Back 2019

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Saturday, January 19, 2019

Bahrain APG School Students brought new year joy to 36 low-income families

19 January 2019, Bahrain APG School Students Home Visit to Sentul Community

With great anticipation, every year since 2016, the Bahrain APG Students with their CAS (Creativity, Action & Service) Initiatives, the students will come to Centre of HOPE worldwide KL to spend a day to do volunteer works. This year we brought the student to visit 36 of our beneficial families of the Food Distribution Program, bringing groceries and as well New Year joy to these families.

Besides Malaysia, the students travelled to different countries, reaching out to different NGOs to do volunteer works. Thumbs up to these students and we wish to see you all again next year!

Special thanks to World Express Tours Malaysia for the arrangements and coordination in providing transport to ferry the students and as well during the Home Visit Program.

For more event photos, check them out on our Facebook page by clicking: Bahrain APG Students Home Visit 2019

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Monday, December 3, 2018

Blind by Sight but Not Vision in Life - Invitation to a Motivational Talk by Lim Tien Hong

About Lim Tien Hong

By his own words, "I have never considered myself a Blind Man."

With that in mind, Lim has never limited his ability to achieve things in life. He is determined and motivated to learn and grow in his paths of life.

Lim lost his eye-sight due to damaged optical nerves as a result of an accident at the age of ten. Because of that, he missed 2 years of school. Then, he moved to Penang alone and started his schooling again. He learnt Braille and went on till his PhD despite his lecturer making him drop a module due to his blindness. He never lost his vision despite the loss of his sight, to borrow the words of Helen Keller.

Lim is currently pursuing his PhD. in Development Economics in University of Malaya (UM), which is due for completion in mid-2019. He did his Bachelor’s and Master’s Degrees in Economics at UM too.  Among the many academic achievement awards he has received:

  • Being on the Dean’s List – 2006
  • Best Blind Student Academic Achievement Award, by Malaysian Association of Blind (MAB) – 2008 & 2013.

 Lim Tien Hong's working experiences:

  • He has tutored a cohort of undergraduates in the subjects of Microeconomics & Macroeconomics at UM. Besides conducting seminars, he independently planned assignments and lessons for 14 week programmes. He also served as the editor of the Wawasan magazine – a print and digital magazine. At present, he is working as a marketing administrator.         
  • Since his university days to the present, he has been actively involved in advocacy and social work. In his capacity as the Secretary of Human Capital Development of Society for the Blind Malaysia (SBM), he has organised a variety of events including motivational and leadership camps as well as skills improvement courses. He also ran a blog ( which provided a database of job opportunities to help visually-impaired job seekers. Lim has represented the blind community in meetings with the government and other stakeholders. Most notably, he represented SBM on the Implementation Technical Committee of the Ministry of Human Resources’ ‘One Percent of Jobs for People with Special Needs’ programme. In addition, as a Certified Professional Coach, he has carried out coaching for clients to help them achieve their intended goals.
  • As a presenter at an international conference called ‘Disability Studies: Heading in the right(s) direction?’ organised by University Malaysia Sarawak, Lim gave a talk on job placement services for people with blindness and visual impairment in Malaysia.                                                                               
  • As a volunteer tutor he has; among others taught PhD and Master’s candidates database preparation and analysis using SPSS.
  • Volunteer Auditor, Public Transport in Kuala Lumpur, Lim carried out safety and worthiness checks on MRT stations and the shuttle bus services with officials from Ministry of Transport, JKR, DBKL, MRT Corp and the National Disability Council.                                  

As the list goes on, Lim has so much invaluable life experiences to share with us. Hence Lim is coming to deliver his talk on 08 December 2018 at Centre of HOPE worldwide in Boulevard Sentul Raya. His life stories are truly an aspiration to many and towards the community, we are helping. We want to learn from him how did he manage to stay focused, self-motivated and managed to overcome all challenges and rise above the circumstances. There will be a Q&A session for Lim to engage with the audience on that day too!

Don't miss this golden opportunity to learn from Lim Tien Hong! Entry is Free and all are invited! We shall see you on 08 December, 3pm! For more info, please contact us at 03-4050 2541 or email to:

Check out some of the photos about Lim as a speaker and presenter in various events:

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Saturday, December 1, 2018

BSI Group Bringing Holiday Cheers to Children

01 December 2018, MY Reading Program with BSI Group Volunteers

Thanks to the volunteers from BSI Group who spent their weekend to be with our children in MY Reading Program, sharing the moment of excitements as school holiday have just started. The volunteers and children had so much fun learning together during the Reading Program where the kids get to discuss about their hometowns and their plans for holidays include inviting their friends for a stay in their hometown.

By the end of the Reading Program, the children enjoyed a KFC treat from BSI Group volunteers

The children also brought home a Stationery Set each presented by BSI Group volunteers:

Thanks to all volunteers from BSI Group for your dedication and your thoughtfulness by reaching out to our kids in the Reading Program. And we look forward to the next working opportunity!

For more event photos, check them out on our Facebook page by clicking: MY Reading Program with BSI Group Volunteers

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Saturday, November 17, 2018

Togetherness Makes a Difference by Datacom and Boston Scientific Malaysia through Food Distribution Program

17 November 2018, Food Distribution Program with Datacom and Boston Scientific Malaysia at Sentul Free Clinic of HOPE

Togetherness makes a Difference as volunteers from two companies - Datacom and Boston Scientific Malaysia combine their hands to serve 100 low-families through the Food Distribution Program last Saturday.

A total of 22 volunteers spent their weekend to volunteer in the Food Distribution Program which is a grocery provision program established since 2006, its objective is to provide grocery and basic necessities on a monthly basis, to the selected low-families, whose household income lower than RM 1,000.00, in hope to ease the financial burden of these families.

Thanks to these faithful volunteers, who were not the first time serving in our organization, especially for Datacom Malaysia, who is our faithful CSR partner who the past 5 years.

Thank you, Datacom and Boston Scientific Malaysia, for your trust and support to keep up the sustainable partnership! We definitely look forward for more collaborations in the coming future.

For more event photos, check them out on our Facebook page by clicking: Food Distribution Program with Datacom and Boston Scientific Malaysia

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Saturday, November 3, 2018

Sun Life Malaysia Brighter Health Campaign Finale!

03 November 2018, Sun Life Malaysia Brighter Health Campaign Finale

Congratulations to all 20 pairs of mothers and their children for the hard work and dedication for the past 6 months and last Saturday we have come to the finale of the campaign. One of the mothers won the campaign by being the "Biggest Loser", as in total she had lost 5KGs since the day she signed up as part of the Brighter Health Campaign.

After months of consistent health check to keep the mothers aware of their health condition, the mothers and children made the conscious effort in their diet choices and lifestyles, especially in cultivating the habit of exercising regularly. The bi-weekly fitness session also helped the community know that actually, they are stronger than they ever imagine, and that motivates them to exercise further.

During the Finale program, our biggest highlight was the rowing machine session where Sun Life Malaysia together with our community, marked a record of the “Most Number Of Participants In A Rowing Machine Session” in the Malaysian Book of Records.

We wanna thank Sun Life Malaysia for your thoughtfulness, creativity and dedication in making this Brighter Health Campaign a remarkable and memorable one!

On behalf of our community, we want to thank Sun Life Malaysia for empowering them to live healthier and shine brighter!

For more event photos, check them out on our Facebook page by clicking: Sun Life Malaysia Brighter Health Campaign Finale 2018

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Saturday, October 27, 2018

MY Reading Program Speech Contest 2018

27 October 2018, MY Reading Program Speech Contest

Thanks to all the dedicated volunteers who have to raise these kids from teaching them basic English, moving onto advance learning and last Saturday, we witnessed 10 of them, for the very first time, giving their speeches in front of their parents and families, most importantly, the judges from the Toastmasters!

Yes! This is our very first Speech Contest, which a million thanks to volunteers from DHL and individual basis, who have been their mentors since the beginning of the year, to coach them on the preparation, from scripting their speeches till their presentation.

The topics of their speeches are all from the youths themselves. They proposed their ideas and their mentors helped them to arrange their ideas into a proper speech.

These 10 youths who participated in the Speech Contest (with the topics of the speeches) are:

(1) Hiap Hock Lai - Is Gaming a Curse?
(2) Sathishvaran - The Body Speaks

(3) Hiap Jin Hong - The Bad Side of Gaming
(4) Saswin Rao - Love is in the Air
(5) Rifka - Martial Arts for Women
(6) Hiap Jia Kai - Mother Earth
(7) Navaneshvaran - Parenting that Kills
(8) Yogaloshana - The Best Gift
(9) Siti Nur Aishah - KPOP
(10) Hiap Yong San - Sports

Besides presenting their prepared speeches, the judges also organized a Table Topics session, where the selected youths were given a topic and they have 3 minutes to talk about the topic. This is to test their spontaneity and all of them did well with the topic given - "The Most Unforgettable Day in my Life".

Eventually, the results for the planned speeches are:

Champion: Hiap Jin Hong - The Bad Side of Gaming
1st Runner-Up: Hiap Hock Lai - Is Gaming a Curse?
2nd Runner-Up: Navaneshvaran - Parenting that Kills

While the results for Table Topics are:

Champion: Hiap Hock Lai
1st Runner-Up: Navaneshvaran
2nd Runner-Up: Hiap Jia Kai

Congratulations to all their hard work, effort and dedication. All of them were their very very first time, to ever delivering a speech in front of so many people. Some of them who used to be so timid to introduce themselves, while right now, they were so confidently sharing the ideas and passion from their hearts through the speeches. I must say, all of them are the Winners regardless the placements.

This is indeed a long journey. It's all started since the year 2015 when we first brought in the Blossom Literacy Program Syllabus. These kids went through all the series and right now, they were on their feet, being empowered to deliver a speech on their own. We want to take this opportunity to thank the mentors and volunteers, they are:

Andal (the Mastermind of Blossom Literacy Program),

Manju, Ooi and Farah (The dedicated volunteers from DHL). And Manju brought along her son Thibhan.

Kaldip (the retired Teacher who tirelessly mentoring our youths and children in the Reading Program). Then Kaldip brought along her son Angert to be one of the mentors for the Speech Class.

Zatil (another dedicated volunteer who has been coming regularly as a volunteer teacher in Reading Program who eventually signed up to be a mentor for the Speech Class)

Bavani (a friend of Andal who is a friend of Andal and dedicated her time to mentor the youths in the speech class)

Moving forward, we are looking for sponsors to sponsor examination fees for these youths to sit for International Examinations and as well, continue to train them in their writing skills.

Our heartfelt thanks to:
NAVEM Toast Master Club
DHL Toast Master Club

for being the judges and sponsoring the food & beverages for the event!

Our Gratitude for:
DHL IT Services
DHL Go Teach Volunteers

for your dedication in bringing in the volunteers, teaching syllabus and as well getting the funding to sustain the program

Click here to watch the Thank You Video which recorded the journey we have had with our 10 youths and their mentors:

For more event photos, check them out at our Facebook page by clicking into: MY Reading Program Speech Contest 2018

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