BOLATHON Charity Fun Run and Masquerade Walk 2018

BOLATHON Charity Fun Run and Masquerade Walk 2018
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Saturday, April 21, 2018

Samsung Malaysia Electronics (SME) Staff Volunteerism Day 2018

21 April 2018, Samsung Malaysia Electronics Staff Volunteerism Day Reaching to out Sentul Community through Food Distribution and MY Reading Program

Thanks to Samsung Malaysia for your thoughtfulness in organizing this Volunteerism Day not only for the staff but as well for their families, children, partners and friends to join, spending their weekend afternoon volunteering in Food Distribution Program, Home Visit and MY Reading Program. With more than 50 volunteers, reaching out to 150 community members including adults and children.

It was a heartwarming session to see how the staff stay engaged with the children during the MY Reading Program. And as well the unity and team work spirit while 22 volunteers working hand in hand in the Food Distribution Program. The best thing was the memories they have created as a SME Staff together with their families and friends.

For more event photos, check them out on our Facebook page by clicking into: Samsung Malaysia Electronics Staff Volunteerism Day 2018

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Sunday, April 8, 2018

KFC Sharing Moments 2018 kicks start with Orang Asli Community in Kg. Desa Ria

09 April 2018, KFC Sharing Moments & Orang Asli Outreach Program at Kampung Desa Ria, Lenggong, Gerik.

As we carry on our "Sharing Moments" Journey with KFC & Add Hope Malaysia in year 2018, we have made many great friendships along the way, which include our faithful companion who is the medical team in bringing the free medication and checkups for the Orang Asli community, the Malaysian Pharmaceutical Society (MPS Young Pharmacist - Penang Chapter), and Ms. Thoo Sook Lin with her team, who have been helping us in the welfare of the Orang Asli families and arranging the logistics to send the groceries for these 200 families. Last but not least, the KFC Staff at Gerik Branch who tirelessly preparing the 200 sets of KFC Meals, in making sure its freshness, they often work overtime, preparing the meals during midnight. Their hearts of gold are simply inspiring!

Besides the villagers at Kampung Desa Ria, we also have villagers from nearby and afar villages such as, Kg. Desa Permai, Pengkalan Permai, Ciong, Chuweh, Tebang Lama & Baru. The needs of the community here are still crucial, especially in awareness of health & hygiene and as well children Education.

We are just so grateful to have all these unsung heroes to sail with us in this journey, meeting the needs of almost every aspect of these rural community's lives, to sustain our Sharing Moments Food Aid Program and the Orang Asli Outreach Program for the many villages throughout all these years. Moving on, we are indeed looking for sponsors and corporate partners in building more facilities and shelters for the Orang Asli Community at Kg. Desa Ria, so we could deliver our Medical Services and other welfare works more effectively in the future.

For more event photos, check them out on our Facebook page by clicking into: KFC Sharing Moments 2018 at Kg. Desa Ria (Q1)

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Friday, April 6, 2018

Support SellEz Sustainable Campaign - Your Pre-Loved Clothes can leave a bigger impact to our Nation!

06 April 2018, Amber Chia joined SellEz Malaysia for its Sustainable Fashion Campaign 

Thanks to Amber Chia, who sets the pace for fellow Malaysians to participate in this campaign by donating 5 of her pre-loved outfits to Sellez's Sustainability Campaign. The Founder of Amber Chia Academy, Amber expressed her gratitude to be able to play a part in this campaign. Now it's your turn to Make a Difference! Show your support now - LIKE & SHARE our Social Media post by clicking HERE.

Ms. Amber Chia (centre) posed with Country Director of HOPE worldwide Malaysia, Mr. Darick Wong (Left) 

Clothes out, Money In.

Have you wonder what can you do with your pre-loved outfits? Seasons in and out, when we open our closets, without we realizing, we have accumulated quite a pile of outfits which often are still in perfect condition. Thanks to Sell-Ez Malaysia, an online fashion store inspired by distinct style and sustainable fashion calls out to you to support its Sustainable Campaign! Donate your clothes and help Sellez raise RM 50,000.00 for underprivileged children and single mothers under the care of HOPE worldwide Malaysia.

Fast Fact: Acknowledging that 21 billion tonnes of landfills is due to fashion waste as the second largest pollutantin the world, Sellez aims to reduce fashion waste by helping individuals sell their used branded clothes at 70 to 90 percent off retail prices making sustainable fashion accessible to everyone in Southeast Asia.

Sales proceeds and rejected clothes from this campaign will be donated exclusively to HOPE worldwide Malaysia. Be a HERO today! Contact NurAzre at +601116499576 or email your inquiry to now!

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