Yayasan WWRC and HOPE worldwide Malaysia

Yayasan WWRC and HOPE worldwide Malaysia
Yayasan WWRC reaching out Orang Asli Community at Kg. Jerum Lesung

Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Astro & HOPE worldwide Malaysia Fundraising Campaign (22 to 26 Aug 2011)

22 to 26 Aug 2011 - Astro & HOPE worldwide Malaysia Fundraising Campaign at Astro Premises

Thanks to Astro we can have this fruitful fundraising campaign at Astro Premises for the last whole week! Besides, we would like to thank every Astro worker who had extend your support to HOPE worldwide Malaysia!

During that 5 days, who donate RM 70.00 and above, you will get an Adidas Apparel in return as an appreciation to your generosity! We met a lot of Astro volunteers who had not only once volunteered at Sentul Free Clinic of HOPE. Be it as a volunteer at Free Clinic or even Food Distribution and Reading Program. During the last 3 years, Astro had indeed extended their utmost help in volunteering at our various of programs. And we had built strong friendship with each and every volunteer who came to our center.

Besides, we would like to thank every Radio DJ who had supported us! And we managed to snap pictures with some of them! Amazingly, during the last day of the fundraising campaign, we met TVB artists from Hong Kong who were here to do an interview session at the prestigious MyFm Chinese Radio Station. We had a chance to snap picture with them as well!

DJ Ean from Hitz.FM (middle) with Katy & Caesar from HOPE worldwide Malaysia

DJ JJ from Hitz.FM (middle) with Katy & Caesar from HOPE worldwide Malaysia

DJ Jack Lim from MyFm (right) with Katy from HOPE worldwide Malaysia

Michael Tse from TVB Hong Kong (right) with Ivy, a volunteer from HOPE worldwide Malaysia

HOPE worldwide Malaysia with Kate Tsui and Michael Tse, artists from TVB Hong Kong

Thanks to Astro and looking forward to have more opportunities on volounteerism and fundraising event!

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Starbucks @ HOPEww's Activity Learning Program with

20 Aug 2011 - Activity Learning Program with Starbucks @ Sentul Centre of HOPE worldwide Kuala Lumpur (Creative Art Classroom)

Last weekend was indeed an excitement for the underprivileged children of Sentul, simply because we have volunteers from Starbucks Malaysia for the Activity Learning Program!

We had great time playing games together like Tribal War, Blow Wind Blow, Blowing Balloons and so much more. Thanks to Starbucks for preparing the 'Iced Chocolate' drink for the children.

It was especially fun and memorable while playing the 'Tribal War'. We had the children into groupings of Tribals of the day! And each group to be led by 2 volunteers from Starbucks as the 'Tribal Leaders'. There, we had - Iron Man, Super Man and Spider Man.

The Iron Man Team

The Spider Man Team!

The Super Man Team!

We had a little competition that is to compete which group can blow the largest balloon without bursting it!

Thanks to Starbucks for the 'Iced Chocolate' Drink!

Thank you, Starbucks and see you guys again!

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

The Video - Story Telling conducted by the Students!

Here, we have the video of the story telling session which were happened last weekend! The story title was - Wake Up, Mum! Enjoy...!

MY Reading Program - Students Conducting Story Telling Session!

13 August 2011 - MY Reading Program @ Sentul Centre of HOPE worldwide KL (Free Clinic)!

It's incredible to see how MY Reading Program have came a long way till today since we started the first session in 2008!

We had just graduated 20 students recently! And part of the graduates was conducting the story telling session last weekend! It was indeed encouraging! I love it! They are all fast learner. It was so touched to see them, walked in the room as a timid children, and now, were confidently, acting, laughing and leading other younger children during the story telling session!

Credit to all the fellow volunteer teachers who had contributed so much of love, care and patience to these underprivileged children. Now you see how much impact you had brought to them. The impact is going to last forever. I do believe the children will always have you guys in their heart wherever they go and whatever they do in the future!

Awesome job children! Keep it up and let's keep the spirit of the MY Reading Program be continue to "Bringing Hope & Changing Lives" for more underprivileged children!

Should you would like to be part of us in this meaningful volunteerism program, please log on to http://www.hopeww.org.my/volunteer today to sign up as Friends of HOPE, and receive latest updates about our program and activities!

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Bursa Malaysia @ MY Reading Program (Final Session)

06 August 2011 - My Reading Program with Bursa Malaysia @ Sentul Centre of HOPE worldwide Kuala Lumpur (Part 4 - final session)!

It was the last session Bursa Malaysia with us at MY Reading Program during last Saturday (06 Aug 2011)! This time, we had some memorable moments together as when we sang , we had the volunteers from Bursa Malaysia to "build the bridge" and the children got to run under the "bridges".

And the Story Telling session, we had "The Little Chicken", which is a story about a Little Chicken who planned to have a party, and asked his friends favor to help him up. Yet, the friends all refused to help him till he himself set up the entire party, only the friends came to join the party as they were all hungry. Though it seemed difficult for the Little Chicken but he chose to forgive his friends and shared the food together. Eventually, all his friends realized how wrong they were and they helped to clean the table after the party.

The children were all overjoyed and most importantly was, they learned the moral of the story about being kind to one another, and helpfulness.

Thanks to all volunteers from Bursa Malaysia, we indeed had a great time working with you all! Hope to see you guys again in the near future! Thanks for the generosity and love for the underprivileged children in Sentul during these four sessions of Reading Program!

Thank you Bursa Malaysia!

Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Bursa Malaysia @ MY Reading Program - 3rd Session

02 August 2011 - My Reading Program with Bursa Malaysia @ Sentul Centre of HOPE worldwide Kuala Lumpur (Part 3)!

Here comes Bursa Malaysia again! And this is their 3rd session with HOPE worldwide Kuala Lumpur by volunteering in MY Reading Program.

This time, we have "The Monkey Bridge" for the story telling session. The children enjoyed themselves very much. As well, we have another 2 new children joining us last week. It is so glad to see the children kept bringing their friends to join the Reading Program.

I am indeed very touched by the act of love from Bursa Malaysia! Despite spending their time being with the children throughout the Reading program, they also prepared packet of food, drinks and snacks for the each and every child by the end of the class. During those sessions of Reading Program by having Bursa Malaysia here with us, believed to be one of the most memorable moment for the children.

I am now truly looking forward for the next session on 06 August 2011, which is the final session Bursa Malaysia going to be with us for Reading Program!

Thank you so much Bursa Malaysia!