Grand Hyatt RiseHY Initiatives 2019

Grand Hyatt RiseHY Initiatives 2019
Kudos to Grand Hyatt KL who engaged their staff through organizing wholesome and sustainable CSR activities

Sunday, July 6, 2014

Penang Mobile Clinic Orang Asli Outreach to Kg. Bukit Sapi

06 July 2014, Orang Asli Settlement Outreach at Kg. Bukit Sapi, Lenggong

10 volunteers including a Pediatrician, a Medical Assistant and students, decided to spend their precious Sunday morning differently. We made a three hours trip to the Orang Asli (Aborigines) Settlement located at Kg. Bukit Sapi to visit the Semang, which is a tribe of the Orang Asli named "Negrito". 

Total of 37 patient received free medical consultation and medicine. The quaterly outreach aims to help improve the living quality and encourage them by showing care and love to our native friends. We also distributed groceries, food supplements, clothing, school shoes and toys which donated by many kind individuals.

Thanks to Dr. Victor Gong, our Pediatrician and all fellow volunteers, with your undying heart and spirit to serve and reach out to the unreachable community inside the jungle, your act of love made a huge difference in their lives.

For more event pictures, check them our on our Facebook page by clicking into the Penang Mobile Clinic Orang Asli Outreach to Kg. Bukit Sapi

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