Yayasan WWRC and HOPE worldwide Malaysia

Yayasan WWRC and HOPE worldwide Malaysia
Yayasan WWRC reaching out Orang Asli Community at Kg. Jerum Lesung

Saturday, July 12, 2014

Youth Students inspire the Little Ones in Education Program

12 July 2014, Youth Students volunteer in MY Reading Program at Children Activity Centre

Giving Back could eventually became a habit, if we do it consistently. Just like how this group of Youth Students who have been consistently volunteering our series of Education Programs which including the MY Reading Program & Creative Art Program.

Last Saturday, with more than 20 youth students, together we open up new chapter (new semester) for the MY Reading Program and as well for the Creative Art Program. Together, we reached out to more than 60 underprivileged children.

Before we the Reading Program starts, we had an Ice Breaking Games to have both the volunteers and children who are right-handed to draw their portraits by using their left hands; while for the "left-handed" ones, they need to draw by using their right hands. Once everyone is done with their drawings, we shuffle the drawings and distribute to everyone. Everyone will have a portrait of other people, so each of them need to find the person of the portrait. Once he/she found the person, he/she needs to find out the person's name & hobbies. At the end, we had both the volunteers and children to share whose portrait they had got. After that, both the volunteers and children had great time reading together.

For Creative Art Program, our facilitator and the volunteers together taught the children how to make Paper Toy =)

The program ends by having a Birthday Celebration for one of our young volunteers on that day - Amelia! Amelia turned 7 this year! Indeed, Amelia's parents celebrated her 6 year-old Birthday last year during the Reading Program too: http://bit.ly/1kLaNGo This year, Amelia spent all her Pocket Money to buy presents for each and every child in the Reading Program.

It was a fruitful & memorable day, and thanks to all fellow Youth students for your great heart and love for the children. Hope to see you guys again soon!

For more event photos, check them out on our Facebook page by clicking into: Youths volunteer at Education Programs

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