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Saturday, August 6, 2016

Sun Life Malaysia Brighter YOU Organic Farm Outing educates children about Agriculture

06 August 2016, Sun Life Malaysia Brighter YOU Organic Farm Outing at GK Organic Farm

Last Saturday, Sun Life Malaysia organized an Outing to GK Organic Farm which is located at Dengkil to have a day of doing organic farming and agriculture with 20 children from HOPE worldwide Malaysia.

For these kids who lived in urban city, majority of them staying at PPR Flats, they rarely have their own space or land to plant vegetables and perhaps, they have never know the definition of harvesting, and as well, they probably have no idea where did all the vegetables, potatoes and lady fingers come from. This trip has really enlightened the mind of these kids. Together with the Brighter YOU Volunteers, the kids went bare-footed to the farm, and did farming under the hot sun, pulling out tapioca from the ground and they even tasted the organic honey.

Indeed, it was a harvestful day spent and once again, kudos to all fellow Brighter YOU volunteers and Thank YOU Sun Life Malaysia for brighten up our Saturday!

For event photos, check them out at our Facebook page by clicking into: Sun Life Malaysia Brighter YOU Organic Farm Outing

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