Yayasan WWRC and HOPE worldwide Malaysia

Yayasan WWRC and HOPE worldwide Malaysia
Yayasan WWRC reaching out Orang Asli Community at Kg. Jerum Lesung

Saturday, March 18, 2017

HELP University Students Paint the Future for the 25 kids

18 March 2017, Activity Learning with 25 kids by HELP University Volunteers at Centre of HOPE worldwide

Kudos to the fellow volunteers from HELP University who organized drawing and coloring activities for our kids! The theme of the drawing and coloring activities was DREAM where the kids were encouraged to draw their Dreams - some of them drew Superheros, doctors and teachers. It was amazing to see how Creative Art could be a channel and platform for these kids to express themselves so effectively.

After that, the kids and volunteers had fun by playing Tic-Tac-Toe and eventually did hands printing to create a poster entitled "Paint your Future".

It was a fun-filled and memorable weekend especially for one of the kids, Nanthiny who celebrated her Birthday for the very first time with so many friends singing birthday song to her =)

Thanks to the volunteers who bought a cake for Nanthiny's 8th Birthday and thoughtfully prepare the goodies for every kid!

We have made a short video concluding the event and you may check out the video on our YouTube Channel by clicking HERE

For more event photos, check them out on our Facebook page by clicking into: HELP University Volunteers Coloring Activity with 25 Kids

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