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Saturday, May 21, 2016

Youths Celebrate Final ICT Class with KnowledgeCom Trainers

21 May 2016, KnowledgeCom Final ICT Class at 1 Stop IT Resource Centre

We have to the final weekend of the ICT Training Class by the awesome trainers from KnowledgeCom. We were sad to bid a farewell to both our Trainers - Dylan & Ravin, but at the same time, the youths were so excited of what they had learned throughout these four weeks, so we decided to have a little celebration! Each youth prepared a gift to thank the trainers, and as they presented the gifts, they got to express their gratitude in words. It was a heartwarming session, and KnowledgeCom will conduct a graduation ceremony for these youths too. Look forward to seeing Dylan & Ravin again.

From the bottom of our hearts, we wanna thank KnowledgeCom , Dylan and Ravin for your time and effort in training our youths.

For more event photos, check them out at our Facebook page: Youths Celebrate Final Class with KnowledgeCom trainers

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