Yayasan WWRC and HOPE worldwide Malaysia

Yayasan WWRC and HOPE worldwide Malaysia
Yayasan WWRC reaching out Orang Asli Community at Kg. Jerum Lesung

Thursday, April 30, 2015

HOPE worldwide Malaysia in aid of Relief Efforts for Nepal

The Director of HOPE worldwide Global Disaster Response, Charles Ham arrived at Kathmandu with full force on coordination of relief works on ground for the disaster victims and the HOPE school which was established in Nepal for the needy children for years, has now become a place for shelter and food.

HOPE worldwide Malaysia is now raising funds to support the on ground relief works delivered by our Disaster Response Team. The needs are far beyond we can imagine as they are still many victims especially for those who are in the rural areas, many of them maybe trapped beneath the rubble or even survivors who are waiting for food supply and medical aid. 

Together we can make a difference for the people in Nepal. We thank you in advance for your generosity. 

Here are some updates from Mr. Charles Ham, about the current condition of Nepal.

The HOPE worldwide School which was established since 20 years ago, is now a shelter for the earthquake victims. 

Due to the dangerous condition, many houses needed to be demolished as the residents can never stay in there anymore. But the thing is, once they houses were destroyed, who is going to rebuild their homes? Those are their lifetime savings and assets.

The cities in ruin. And yet, behind what we can see, they are still many who are waiting for rescue in the rural areas. The recovery and relief are crucially in need for the people in Nepal.

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