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Saturday, January 13, 2018

Food Distribution Program Applicant Interview Session 2018

13 January 2018, Food Distribution Program Applicant Interview Session 2018 at Centre of HOPE worldwide Kuala Lumpur

Thanks to the volunteers who were here last Saturday to conduct the annual interview session for more than 200 low-income families who apply to be the beneficiaries for the Food Distribution Program.

These families who we selected as the beneficiaries of the Food Distribution Program are based on the family household income, the health condition of the dependents and breadwinner in the families.

Through the interview session, we have met many individuals who stand strong for their families in the face of hardships and turbulent. This year, we have received many first-time applicants for the program, which we foresee there are many needs for us to continue to work on, especially in terms of knowledge empowerment which can eventually help these families to breakthrough the poverty cycle.

We want to take this opportunities to thank all the corporate and individual donors who have supported us financially which enable us to continue our crusade to help these low-income families.

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