Grand Hyatt RiseHY Initiatives 2019

Grand Hyatt RiseHY Initiatives 2019
Kudos to Grand Hyatt KL who engaged their staff through organizing wholesome and sustainable CSR activities

Friday, November 10, 2017

Penang Flood Relief by HOPE worldwide Malaysia

Our hearts go to the community in Penang. Thanks to the dedicated staff and volunteers at HOPE worldwide Penang, who tirelessly and swiftly deliver food aid and necessities to places as below:

Padang Tembak (Rifle Range)

Hong Seng Estate
Taman Lumba Kuda (Batu Gantang Area)
Bukit Gedung

Among these four areas, Padang Tembak would be the most crucial area which our team of staff and volunteers will raise fund to implement our post relief works for the community and children there.


During the Flood Relief wotks, we are so grateful to work with Starbucks Malaysia, RELA Malaysia, Majlis Bandaraya Pulau Pinang - MBPP, IHS Markit APAC, JKKK, APM and ATC College.

Thanks to all donors who have generously donated to our flood relief cause for the needy community in Penang.

Now our staff and volunteers are focusing on doing post flood relief works for the community at Padang Tembak (Rifle Range) Public Housing Areas in rebuilding their lives through a series of community programs. Stay tuned with us for more updates.

Check out our Facebook updates on our Flood Relief works in Penang:

Padang Tembak Rifle Range:
Hong Seng Estate:
Starbucks Coffee Distribution at Bukit Gedung:
Taman Lumba Kuda (Batu Gantang area):

Bringing HOPE Changing LIVES

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