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Saturday, December 10, 2016

Sun Life Malaysia Brighter YOU Basketball Tournament Season 3

10 December 2016, Sun Life Malaysia Brighter YOU Basketball Tournament Season 3

Sun Life Malaysia Brighter YOU Basketball Clinic Program has come to the 3rd Season for our Youths! Recalling the beginning till today, witnessing the growth and transformation of those youths who have been joining the training program since the first season is indeed an exciting journey.

We wanna thank Sun Life Malaysia for your trust and support which sustain the program for 3 consecutive years.Since then, the Brighter YOU Basketball Clinic has impacted more than 25 youths.

Last Saturday, we close up the 3rd season with a Basketball Tournament among the youths and the staff volunteers from Sun Life Malaysia. Awards were presented to the marvelous teams, and this year, we have an additional award - Most Vauable Player Award that specially presented to one of the best performed youth throughout the past 3 seasons - he is Kajannand Kumar.

Kajannand Kumar who used to be a timid player during the first season, through his determination and perseverance, and as well the tremendous effort by our basketball coaches, he has transformed to a youth with self confidence and great self-esteem. Kajannand is a discipline player who could hardly miss any of the training sessions.

Our gratitude also goes to all the coaches who have walked into the lives of these youths. You guys are not only basketball coaches, but friends who have inspired each one of them.

Here we look forward for greater journey together in 2017!

For more event photos, check them out at our Facebook page by clicking into: Sun Life Malaysia Brighter YOU Basketball Tournament 3.0

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