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Saturday, July 20, 2013

Free Clinic Refurbishment Day (sponsored by Mary Kay)

20 July 2013, Clinic Refurbishment Day (sponsored by Mary Kay)

We would like you to know that our Sentul Free Clinic of HOPE had stepped into the 13th Glorious Year of service for the underprivileged community in Malaysia!

And after 13 years of service, we need to give a New Breath to our Free Clinic, hence today is our Clinic Refurbishment Day! Thanks to our fellow volunteers who were here to contribute your time and energy to make this happen!

The Sentul Free Clinic of HOPE was established in year 2000, since then, we have been committing to provide the underprivileged patients FREE medical consultation and medication. Till 2012, we had treated a total of 56,000 underprivileged patients.

Thanks to Mary Kay who initiated the Clinic Refurbishment Project. We look forward a brand new environment and atmosphere of our Free Clinic.

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