Grand Hyatt RiseHY Initiatives 2019

Grand Hyatt RiseHY Initiatives 2019
Kudos to Grand Hyatt KL who engaged their staff through organizing wholesome and sustainable CSR activities

Sunday, May 27, 2012

Sentul Children Performed in Staedtler World Kids Coloring Day 2012

26 & 27 May 2012, Staedtler World Kids Coloring Day (WKCD) 2012 at Bangsar Village I

Thanks to Staedtler for your faithful CSR Partnership with HOPE worldwide Kuala Lumpur! This was indeed the 4th year we worked together for this event. While this year we had a group of 12 children from Sentul to sing "Heal The World" as an Opening Performance on the first day of the event. This year, WKCD took place at Bangsar Village 1, Concourse Area. The TWO DAYS (26 & 27) event was packed with lots of interesting programs, activities and performances! And we really would like to express our gratitude to Staedtler for their creativity in raising funds for us. Especially during the last day of the event, Staedtler actually specially organized an auction for its significant FIMO art models, which are the famous superheroes characters!

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