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Sunday, January 26, 2014

CNY Goodies Giveaway by Mr. SY Lai Family & Friends

26 January 2014, CNY Goodies Giveaway by Mr. SY Lai Family & Friends at Sentul Free Clinic of HOPE

Thanks to Mr. SY Lai Family & Friends who were here last Sunday distributing CNY Goodies to 100 underprivileged community from Sentul, having a meaningful celebration of this festive season with the joy of giving.

Indeed, Mr. Lai has been distributing CNY Goodies to HOPE worldwide Malaysia's beneficiaries during the past 4 years. To appreciate their generosity, HOPE worldwide Malaysia had specially made a memento for Mr. Lai.

To Give is always better than to Receive. Mr. Lai has indeed demonstrated the Spirit of Giving, as besides HOPE worldwide Malaysia, they also contributed to several charity organizations. This has been a yearly project for Mr. Lai's Family & Friends.

On behalf of all recipients of the CNY goodies, HOPE worldwide Malaysia would like to thanks to Mr. Lai's family & friends and hope to see you guys next year!

For more event pictures, check them out on my Facebook page by clicking into: CNY Goodies Giveway by Mr. SY Lai Family & Friends

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